Travelling Africa on a KLR

Good Bye Canada

I am sitting at the airport in Montreal and wanted to thank everyone for their Best Wishes. I will see you when I get back.

Bike at the Cargo Terminal

Bike sitting on the scale at Air Canada Cargo.

Visiting Grant, Jenell, Elsa, and Matthew

Visiting the Kornelson’s before I leave.

Last day at the office

Last day at MineSight.

Going away party

Going away party.

Family at the airport

Family seeing me off at the airport.


  1. Pete

    Kirk – that little girl strapped to your back suits you … You should get one ;P

  2. Myanna klassen

    Take care of yourself, we will be thinking of you, and enjoying your blog!!

  3. Tina

    Sounds like a great route. Have fun, travel safely, listen to your guts and get countless great experiences!

  4. Bert Stanley

    excited to follow along on your journey, it will be great way to get through another cold winter in Edmonton, if you get to Austria on the way back get a hold of Dylan I will pass on his contact info, Bert S

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